She Remains Funny Even After Fire Damage

Figurines Cleaned Fire Damage
Figurines Cleaned After Fire Damage

I realized today that I will miss Ms. Haiti. We were there to restore her home after a major fire damage that started in the kitchen. She doesn’t speak english well, but over time, I have learned to understand every word from Ms. Haiti and we have become friends. She wants me and my “beautiful” wife (as she often calls her) back for dinner in the very same kitchen that we restored after a fire damage. What got me cracking up about Ms. Haiti today was the following: Ms. Haiti would watch us clean an entire area and she would watch as if she approved how we placed her precious figurines on the table or how we placed her picture frames neatly on her shelves. Shortly after watching us and complimenting us, Ms. Haiti would get up and rearrange everything.  🙂 . I would laugh and say “Ms. Haiti, tell us where you want everything and we will do it your way.” She would smile and say, your fine, you’re doing fine. Perhaps it’s one of those jokes where you had to be there. But me and my team will surely miss her. #whenyourclientbecomesafriend 



She Remains Funny Even After Fire Damage
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