Terra Cotta Tile Cleaning
Terra Cotta Tile Cleaning


oes My Floor Need Professional Cleaning?

Yes, twice a year for most residential homes and monthly for commercial facilities, all depending on traffic. The longer floors go without cleaning by a professional company, the darker the grout. When you initially install tile, the grout is attractive. However, over time, grout will absorb dirt and other spills and eventually look unpleasant to the eyes. mighty-mop-tile-grout-cleaning

If your beautifully installed grout has become stained, cracked, and has trapped dirt, our six-step tile and group cleaning process gets your grout clean and keeps it looking its best.

Here is what we provide:

  • A preliminary inspection of your tiled areas.
  • Using green cleaning products, we pre-spray spots and stains
  • Removal of dirt and ground-in soil
  • Clean corners and baseboards.
  • Effectively dry tiled areas
  • Sealed grout lines to prevent long-term damage

Why call on ServiceMaster by Alpha Restoration to Clean Tile and Grout?

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Our Commercial Cleaning

ServiceMaster by Alpha restoration uses the most advanced methods, materials, and equipment to make your business look and run its best. ServiceMaster Clean has over 55 years of experience and you can rest assured that ServiceMaster by Alpha restoration will deliver the highest level of clean. We service our commercial clients especially in cleaning carpets, office dividers, odor mitigation/
ir scrubbing, floors and furniture.