What do I do after a Sewage Backup in Miami?:

Call ServiceMaster by Alpha Restoration and we will arrive onsite within 2 hours. Some individuals are tempted to start a DIY project. The problem is that the water is contaminated and can cause further damage if not adequately treated to remove the resulting damage and odor from your environment.Sewage Backup Miami

Why do I need a restoration company for sewage backup?:

A qualified disaster specialist performs ongoing evaluations throughout the cleanup process which can take some time, since the area affected must be completely cleaned, decontaminated, and then thoroughly dried. Proper cleaning will eliminate further growth of microorganisms that could affect one’s health long after the sewer backup. Dehumidifying can sometimes take weeks, depending on the level of contamination and the space affected.

ServiceMaster by Alpha Restoration is trusted by thousands of local residents and businesses when flooding and sewage disasters happen; including entire neighborhoods needing sewer cleanup due to a failure in a sanitary line. Call us today for complete sewage cleanup, and have peace of mind that the job is done right, done completely, and with the standards that your insurance company expects.