Dear Adjusters and CAMs:

Did you see the announcement of our upcoming Water Damage Mitigation 3 hour CE Course? If not, please go to our website to register:

We are excited to offer a CE course called Water Damage Mitigation in one of the coolest, modernized hotels in Doral, Florida. We had a chance to visit the hotel, as we want nothing but the best comfort level for all who attend. Our adjusters and CAMs will experience our royal treatment, even for a CE course. Here are some pictures we took during our visit. However, you can see more photos on Aloft Doral’s website.

Here’s one of the pictures we took as we entered the hotel. 

Here’s the room where we will hold all of our classes. We sat in these seats, which are a pewter, shimmer gold color. They are extremely comfortable. 

Seats are limited and are filling up, as some adjusters and CAMs are on our mailing list or they follow our post. 

Jonathan Smith
Owner, ServiceMaster by Alpha Restoration

Water Damage Mitigation
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