How To Prevent Mold Damage After A Storm

Water damage at your home or office can be the result of rain, a hurricane, or leakage in the faucets and plumbing. As the water gets trapped behind the panels of your walls, the presence of water for a long

Why South Florida is Susceptible to Mold

South Florida is a vacationer’s paradise, but it’s also a paradise for mold. Moisture and Humidity Most areas of the country are either arid all year round, or experience high humidity only certain times of the year. South Florida, on

Mold Damage Restoration – Clean Sparkly Perfect

Mold Damage Restoration -Sparkly The phone rings and our customer, in his New Yorker accident says,  “Hey Jonathan! Everything is clean,  sparkly,  and perfect! ” While other customers have used other positive adjectives to describe our mold remediation services,  the