Flood and Water Damage from the Storm in Charleston SC

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We are now in Charleston, SC working fast and diligently to restore the homes here from water damage. When it comes to water damage from a flood or storm, we are very passionate about our gift to restore a peace of mind to homes and business. We have all heard and seen the devastation and history flooding in Charleston, SC (see a story and images here). We have relatives and friends in Charleston, SC.

We checked on one of our friends who is a professor at the College of Charleston and he and his family are okay. Not everyone is Charleston, SC is okay, especially those living closer to the beach. The great news is that ServiceMaster by Alpha Restoration has traveled to Charleston, SC to help out! A job that we love! Call us today at 305-899-1600.

Soaked Charleston Flood Damage