Rent a Carpet Cleaner!?! But it Was Date Night

Running into our local supermarket, I notice a lady renting a carpet cleaner. I asked myself, why would anyone rent a carpet cleaner for 4 hours at an average rate of $20 plus time, labor, and cleaning products? Then I began to reflect on my first apartment and how we had to have everything in the apartment cleaned, including packing and moving. We had to leave the apartment spotless. I wanted to tell the customer, forget the carpet cleaning rental and simply allow ServiceMaster to do the job, saving you money, time, and energy. Yet, I had two thoughts, Thought #1: she probably wouldn’t believe how low our prices are for our professional carpet cleaning and Thought #2: It was date night and I needed to focus on picking out flowers for the wifee.


Rent a Carpet Cleaner
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