Water Damage in South Florida

We received a call from a client yesterday who stated she called two other South Florida restoration companies, prior to calling us; and we were the only company that showed up as promised. Her husband reached out to us and the wife wanted us onsite at 6 p.m. Yes, we were there at 6 p.m. and stayed until we got the entire home dryed out. We also glad she called a friend for advise and the friend recommended us, ServiceMaster by Alpha Restoration.

As a Quality Restoration Vendor (QRV), in order to keep our QRV status, we must maintain our license, certifications, attending training, and meet insurance standards to name a few. Because of these strict requirements, most restoration companies are not QRV. We also have our own inhouse standards that are above average. 

If you don’t call us at 305-799-9840, then ask the restoration company to show you documentation that proves that they have done business with most insurance companies in South Florida. This will provide you with some level of assurance that the restoration company is QRV and knows how to restore your home or business.  

Jonathan Smith
Owner, ServiceMaster by Alpha Restoration

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Quality Restoration Vendor – We Show Up
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