The drains are a significant part of the plumbing system and they are exposed to water in routine. The regular usage of sinks, washbasins, dishwashers, bathrooms etc. leads to the flow of a large amount of dirt, debris, and other material into the drain pipes which may cause clogging of the drains. The situation can get worse than you can imagine when the blocked drain pipe obstructs the flow of water and it starts to move in the backward motion. This can damage your drain pipe, pipe joints and maybe the hardware. Before you start searching on google for the Plumbers Near Me, you can prevent such type of issues on your own by following simple steps to restrict clogging.

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Disposing of garbage: first of all, all the garbage must be disposed of properly. Either you have a particular location to get your garbage or you can have a garbage can at all the possible areas where the garbage could flow into the pipes causing clogging. Sometimes the vegetables and the other eating stuff could get into the drains causing blockage but if you have a garbage can around you, you can easily manage to separate the water into drains and the vegetables like stuff into the garbage can or trash bins.

Grease and oils: grease and oils are very common in the kitchen. Your dinner dishes which were served with chicken full of gravy may get difficult for you to remove from the dishes and hence the water containing oil and grease flow through the pipes increasing chances of clogging. You can put the leftover food into the disposable bags to avoid grease and oil clogging inside the pipes.

Drain screens: the next step which can be very beneficial to your kitchen and bathroom cleaning habits is to have drain screens or stoppers that could prevent the flow of debris or other stuff into the drain pipes. You can easily clean that kind of stuff by using a stopper and then you can release the water by plugging out the stopper.

Use boiling water: it is very familiar to all the women who work on their own in the kitchen for preparing food and cleaning dishes. Using boiling water once in a week or 10 days could avoid deposition of oils and grease matter into the pipes that can cause clogging.

Hardware care: for making sure that all the pipes are working fine to drain the water and other liquids, you must ensure that the hardware must be in good condition such as pipes. Pipe fittings, tap, stopper etc. suppose you have a damaged bend inside the drainage system, then the chances of blocking the dirty water flow outside house reduce causing you trouble to deal with stinky smells and the clogged water that could only be worked by some professional plumbing service.

How To Prevent Clogging Of Drains