Best Floor Cleaning Products?

As I was consulting one of our new clients who experienced water damage, she pulled out several floor cleaning products and asked me which one was the best cleaner for their granite tile flooring. While I gave her my best recommendation (if she preferred a DIY floor cleaning experience), I also explained to her that their current inventory of products purchased from major home-improvement retail stores and grocery stores were stripping the wax from her floor. She immediately confirmed that over time she found it difficult to return her granite tile back to the shine that once transformed the look and feel of their Miami kitchen. Thus, my best recommendation is to avoid most retail products, hire a professional cleaner such as ServiceMaster by Alpha Restoration. We sat down and explained to her the savings in cost and time. She was surprised and we were glad she asked. Thus, our recommendation…when it comes to maintaining or restoring the glow to your tile, the best floor cleaning products and services are those of ServiceMaster. Just call us and let us know the size of your room, your flooring (e.g., marble, granite, terracotta, terrazzo, wood, etc.), and such, and we can give you a free estimate over the phone. 

Floor Cleaning Products Could Be Costly