Carpet Cleaning and Tamarind Fruit

It’s surprising what you learn each day. While we know carpet cleaning, I had no idea about Tamarind Fruit Have you heard of Tamarind Fruit?  I learned of Tamarind Fruit from one of our technicians. As we were packing up and leaving, the technician pointed to a tree, got really excited and told us he spotted tamarind fruit, right here in the heart of Miami. Turns out tamarind is a tree commonly found in the South Florida, and popular among Dominicans. While I did not partake, I should have taken one or two home for my wife to try. If you’ve never tried tamarind fruit, by the look on his face and his words, the fruit is good and sweet.  

Carpet Cleaning
Two of our technicians. We are diligent about carpet cleaning.
Tamarindo Fruit
Our technician holding the tamarind fruit

Carpet Cleaning and Tamarind Fruit
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