Miami Hoarders – How We Save Lives A Miami resident hired us to clean the home of a hoarder. We were hired by the niece, a college student, who was stressing behind her aunt’s living conditions (mold, odor, rodents and other serious

Mold Damage Restoration – Clean Sparkly Perfect

Mold Damage Restoration -Sparkly The phone rings and our customer, in his New Yorker accident says,  “Hey Jonathan! Everything is clean,  sparkly,  and perfect! ” While other customers have used other positive adjectives to describe our mold remediation services,  the

Happy Holidays – We Continue to Be Available for Emergencies

Happy Holidays  – Still Available for Water Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Removal, and Cleaning ServiceMaster by Alpha Restoration wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas. We are opened 24/7. Being in this business means that your customers come first during

Flood Damage To Vehicle

Miami and Flooding – Check Your Vehicle Miami is no stranger to flooding, especially in low-lying areas such as Miami Beach. Such flooding is typically caused by rain or high tides. Your vehicle can easily experience flood damage. Here’s a


SELF-CHECKING OUR BRAND – Water Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Removal, and More! As we approach the holiday season, we are reminded to ask ourselves are we “giving” the best possible, professional service by going the extra mile with our customers

Soaked Charleston Flood Damage

Flood and Water Damage from the Storm in Charleston SC Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We are now in Charleston, SC working fast and diligently to restore the homes here from water damage. When it comes to water damage from a flood

Fire Prevention – New Stove Tops

What’s Hot: New Stovetop Technology to Prevent Kitchen Fires Have you seen this article? Learn about the New Stovetops, especially if you are in the market for appliances. What’s Hot: New Stovetop Technology to Prevent Kitchen Fires Related posts: How

Pets Can Be The Cause of Fire Damage

Pets Can Be The Cause of Fire Damage Although national pet fire day was back in July, I still wanted to post this article because it informative. This article gives you preventive tips and what to do if a fire

How smart is the general public about smoke alarms? Fire Prevention

In support of fire prevention week, Sparky the Fire Dog finds out how smart the general public is about testing their smoke alarm. He’s such a funny character…See the video is this link below: How Smart Is The General Public

ServiceMaster’s Water Damage Mitigation CE Workshop

In just 48 hours away, we are providing ServiceMaster’s Water Damage Mitigation CE Workshop. We are excited to meet and teach over 40 property managers and adjusters about water damage mitigation. Only 5 or so seats are left…See the event at http://www.eventbrite.com if you